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DESIGNATION: Sigma Phi Building Account 7872-07

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For information or questions about planned gifts, bequests, campaign pledges: Dan Mansoor C'76 (

The Sigma Phi Gift Account at Cornell is used for the restoration and renovation of One Forest Park Lane. Tax deductible gifts are eligible for class, reunion and campaign credit.


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Alumni Profiles & In The News

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Peter Sisson C'83 #1 Downloaded App Line2 New York Times Review (video)
David Lefkowitz C'83 puts Abe Lincoln's Gettysburg Address to music
Cornell retires Ken Dryden C'66 Jersey
Peter Sisson C'83 Founder and CEO, Toktumi – Mobilize Conf Presentation
Bob Harrison C'73 tribute to President Dale Corson
Peter Kaestner C'72 Birdwatching in India
Reuben Munday C'66 reflects on Straight Takeover 40th Anniversary
Brad Perkins on the economic climate and architecture (NY Times)
Ken Dryden C'66 appointed to new role in Canadian Parliament
Peter Parnall C'55 artist designs Lab of Ornithology Logo and more
Peter Cramton C'77 on Auction of Bank Assets (PBS newscast)
Mark Ter Molen C'81 aids in release of falsely accused.
Seth Flowerman C'05 Forbes Magazine Dorm Entrepreneur; featured in Johnson School Magazine;
Richard Jaffe C'72, Chairman and CEO Safe Life
Dan Mansoor C'76 on fundraising in these times
RIchard Rusk C'66 on father's memoir
John Shafer C'42, Founder of Shafer Vineyards & going solar at winery
Ken Dryden C'66 Hockey Hall of Fame Tribute
Ann & Richard Jaffe C'72 honored by San Diego Jewish Academy
Glen Mueller C'69, new Cornell Athletics Hall of Fame inductee
Fred Keller C'63, CEO Cascade Engineering, part of America's Greenest City; and lecture video
Jay Walker C'74 Wired Magazine article and pictorial on personal library. Charlie Rose Interview of Jay 1999;
Hans Henkes C'91 video on MindMatics
Phil Will C'59 pens article on Cornell campus planning in Alumni Magazine
Larry Cohen C'84 Westlake Entertainment
Phil Baity C'06 competes in Olympic 100 & 200 backstroke trials Jun 29-Jul 6 Omaha NE
Matt Nozzolio C'73 video on the resonator guitar
Ted Julian C'88 video on Application Security
Tom Ward C'79 heads Cornell Enrepreneurial Institute
Laszlo Kiss C'76 NY Times article on architecture
Cyrus Nowrasteh Producer/screenwriter, speaks at CU
David Lefkowitz C'83 Dave's children playing tribute written by Dave in memory of his father
Larry Tanenbaum C'65 gift to Mt Sinai Medical & recipient of Canada's highest honour
Chuck Knight C'54 authors management book
Stu Flack C'79 Named Exec Director of Chicago Theatre

Important Links

Buy Alumni Authors (Support the Epsilon Association)
National Sigma Phi Website
Ithaca Information
Map/Directions to Sigma Phi Lodge
Ithaca Airport Flight Schedule: Direct to Detroit, Philadelphia, Newark and LaGuardia on USAirways and Northwest
Shortline Bus Service: NYC –> Ithaca
Current Ithaca Weather
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Cornell University
Live Campus Webcam Ho Plaza
Johnson Museum 360º Panorama from 6th Floor
Cornell Alumni
Cornell Alumni Magazine
Cornell Capital Campaign
Planned Giving


Video: Bob Harrison accepts Elihu Root Award from Sigma Phi Society.
Video: "Fraternity for Everyone" at Cornell, featuring Sigma Phi Kendrick Coq.

• Laszlo Kiss C'76 designs another memorable home.

•At Cornell, Jay Walker C'74 shares 10 'superforces' of the business future.

• Review of Stu Flack's C'79 new performance.

• Jay Walker on our broken patent system (Bloomberg TV)

• Luke Namer C'10 changing how we see the world.

• Glen Mueller C'69 1971 named Cornell University Auditor.

Sigma Phi Prel Honor Roll Dec 2014.pdf: July 1 2014 - Nov 30 2014

• NPR - Diane Rehm podcast: Role of Frats and Sororities Today (8/26/2014)

• Verdict in Sudharman (Joe Fenton) murder.

• Richard Jaffe's C'72 tribute to Dad
• Marty Powell C'69: On Architect Alumni Trip to Italy
• Tim Neher C'66: Cable TV Hall of Fame - video

• Larry Slaughter C'12 featured in Ezra Magazine's "extraordinary undergraduates"

• Bob  Harrison joins Pres Clinton and Cornell students at Conference

• Dr. Larry Schlesinger C'75 chosen among first Harrington Scholars

• JUST POSTED: "Project Network": Bios for students seeking employment

Student Bios.

• Jan 14 2013 Video of Jay Walker's presentation at Cornell Entrepreneurial Summit (Oct 2012)

• Jan 13, 2013 Cornell Alumni Magazine interview with Bob Harrison C'73 Chairman of Cornell University's Board of Trustees

• Jan 7 2013 George Telesh and '62 classmates reflect on Days on the Hill in this video.

• Dec 22, 2012

Blog by Pres David Skorton on College Drinking.

• Nov 20 2012

Brad Wheler C'73 publishes next quotation book in series.

• Oct 1, 2012

Johan Isberg passed away 14 September 2012. AoqIv-1.pdf

 • Sept 19, 2012

Interview with Jon (Jean-Yves) Canas C'62



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News of Interest

Berkeley Chapter House restoration makes news.

Obituary: Sudharman (Joe Fenton) C'58

Dan Mansoor C'76 visits the other Cornell (Wisconsin). Check out Dan's blog: In Search of Ezra's Pines.

John Shafer C'42 and his son Doug, of Shafer Vineyards, win 2010 James Beard Award

APRIL 29 Elie Wiesel lectures at Cornell as Oliphant Speaker.
Reviews: Cornell Daily Sun, Ithaca Journal, and Cornell Chronicle.
With significant funding from Larry and Judy Tanenbaum.


Under Review: Panel on Program Houses at Cornell

NAJIB CANAAN C'83 AWARDS ANNOUNCED In 2008, Najib Canaan C’83 established the Canaan Fellowship award. This annual $4,000 grant is given to an eligible student at Sigma Phi to pursue educational, philanthropic, or public service interests. This unrestricted award is meant to inspire creative thinking and execution and to also benefit the wider Sigma Phi and Cornell community. First Canaan Award winner blogs from Tanzania. See the amazing pictures from his summer work. Read his final report: CanaanFellowshipREport2009.pdf

Jay Walker C'74, Chairman of Walker Digital received Cornell University's 2009 Entrepreneur of the Year. The campus festivities were on April 16-17, 2009. In addition, Jay's wife, Eileen McManus Walker '76 MBA '77 was elected alumni-elected trustee. Articles. Video/Podcasts.



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Alumni Grad School Directory

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Actives and Turtles

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News Archives

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ACTIVES: Najib Canaan Fellowships Announced

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NEVER FORGET - In Memoriam


Ben Schlossberg C'60 (9/12, 2015, Asbury Park NJ)

Bill Steers C'74 (4/10/2015, Charlottesville VA)


Malcolm Magruder C'47 (d/5/11/14, Weymouth MA)

Frank Woods C'51 (d. 5/8/14 San Francisco CA)


Roy Greenberg C'85 (d. 12/07/12, Cleveland OH)

Tributes to Roy


Alan Gould C'40 (d 09/14/12 Georgia)

Isberg, Johan C'93 (d.10/2012 Sweden)

Jord Poster C'77 (d. 08/02/12 Boston MA)

H Craig Allen C'40 (Dec 22, 1921 - Jan 3, 2012 - Seattle WA)


James Hazzard C'46 (August 11, 2011 – Ithaca, NY)

Sudharman (Joe Fenton) C'58 (July 5, 2010 - New Berlin PA) Integral Yoga Center
Frederick Coe Smith C'35 (May 16, 2010 – Dayton OH) Retired Chairman, Huffy
Hans I Bonne C'54 (March 2, 2010 – Gloucester, MA) City of Gloucester Dept Public Works
Richard Emery Ford C'39 (June 24, 2009 - Illinois)
Ralph E. Carpenter C'28, (February 2, 2009 – Newport RI)
Richard L Wanner C'42 (March 20, 2008 - Naples FL)
Charles (Chuck) S. Pearce Jr C'39 (Sept 8, 2008 – Corsicana TX)
Frederick (Duke) M. Shelley C'39 (August 27, 2008 – Arlington MA)
Harrison P Efferth C'48 (August 18, 2008 – Cleveland OH)
Matthew A. Nozzolio C'73 (August 2, 2008 – Middletown CT)
John (Jack) Craver C'49 (May 22, 2008 – Lancaster PA)
Chris S Haynes C'74 (November 11, 2007 – Lexington KY)
Arthur Burnham C'60 (April 29, 2007 - England)
Bob Bodholdt C'35
Irving Holcomb C'42 (November 6, 2006 – Amherst MA)
Peter K. Kask C'71 (November 5, 2006 – Placerville CO) Essay by Janet Kask
Christian Bleier C'69 (Feb 19, 2006 – Columbia)
Brig Gen Robert Christie C'41 (February 3, 2006 – Vancouver BC CANADA)
Ed Sanderson C'22
Wesley Wannamaker C'48
Alden W. Gallup Jr C'37 (April 4, 2005 -Grosse Pointe MI)
Roberto Steinfeld C'74 (March 8, 2005 – Brazil)


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Alumni Business/ Services/Products

Interested in listing your business or service:
Alex Anderson C'84

Peter Flynn C'66
Ramsay Gourd C'84
Laszlo Kiss C'76
Jules (Jay) Labarthe C'56

John LaFreniere C'67
Brad Perkins C'62
Martin Powell C'69
Furniture Woodworking
Rick Schneider
George Simian C'70
Web Development
Kris Kristofferson

News and Announcements

Straight Takeover Remembered
Seven Burned in Fraternity Hazing
Curbing Binge Drinking Takes Group NY Times, by Jane Brody (Cornell '62)
Fraternity leaders are the heaviest drinkers, national study shows (2007)
2 Fatal Blazes Renew Focus on Fraternities’ Lack of Sprinklers (Dec 2006) [Sigma Phi has a comprehensive sprinkler system installed as part of the Sigma Phi Capital Campaign]

Missing Alumni/Bad Addresses

Do you have a mailing address, phone, or email for these missing alumni? (send to

1942 White, Norman
1946 Frend, Elwyn H  1947 Redfield, Herman
1951 Hoyt, Jr., Phillips B.
1962 Osorio, J M        1966 McKusick, Gordon 1967 Vorley, Peter A.
1970 Cox, Christopher C.
1971 Kassab, Ruben D.
1973 Meneses, Ramon J.
1975 Ahn, Richie
1983 Powers, Gregory 1984 Lifflander, Justin 1987 Roddy, Michael J 2005 Francis, Gilbert

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