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Latest, Justin LIfflander C'84, "How Not to Become a Spy"

Please share titles of books, articles, discologies of Epsilon alumni and actives.

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Perry, Grey C'56, Letters from Grampy, How to Make the Most of Your Teen Years."
Cramton, Peter C'77
Dryden, Ken C'66
Hastings, Chris C'91
Knight, Charles C'54
Perkins, L Bradford C'62
Rauchway, Eric C'88
Rusk, Richard C'66
Shipper, Apichai C'98

Other Authors
Shafer, John C'42: Line on Wine; From the Ground Up
Leone, Matt C'68: Editor-in-Chief with Colgate University Press, 2008: Crafting Fiction, Poetry and Memoir: Talks from the Colgate Writers' Conference 2002-7.
Jon Canas C'62: The Great Spiritual Robbery: Abuses of Religious Ideology, From Jerusalem to Washington & Baghdad

Let us know who we're missing.

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Alumni Business/ Services/Products

Interested in listing your business or service:
Alex Anderson C'84

Peter Flynn C'66
Ramsay Gourd C'84
Laszlo Kiss C'76
Jules (Jay) Labarthe C'56

John LaFreniere C'67
Brad Perkins C'62
Martin Powell C'69
Furniture Woodworking
Rick Schneider
George Simian C'70
Web Development
Kris Kristofferson

News and Announcements

Straight Takeover Remembered
Seven Burned in Fraternity Hazing
Curbing Binge Drinking Takes Group NY Times, by Jane Brody (Cornell '62)
Fraternity leaders are the heaviest drinkers, national study shows (2007)
2 Fatal Blazes Renew Focus on Fraternities’ Lack of Sprinklers (Dec 2006) [Sigma Phi has a comprehensive sprinkler system installed as part of the Sigma Phi Capital Campaign]

Missing Alumni/Bad Addresses

Do you have a mailing address, phone, or email for these missing alumni? (send to

1942 White, Norman
1946 Frend, Elwyn H  1947 Redfield, Herman
1951 Hoyt, Jr., Phillips B.
1962 Osorio, J M        1966 McKusick, Gordon 1967 Vorley, Peter A.
1970 Cox, Christopher C.
1971 Kassab, Ruben D.
1973 Meneses, Ramon J.
1975 Ahn, Richie
1983 Powers, Gregory 1984 Lifflander, Justin 1987 Roddy, Michael J 2005 Francis, Gilbert

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