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My name is Brian Feldman C'09--I'm taking the semester off to work full time for a start up company, led by Austrian economist, Peter Schiff.  If you haven't heard of him or read his book, check him out on the web (Youtube "Peter Schiff was Right") or pick up a copy of his book Crash Proof 2.0

He's credited with accurately predicting the market crash of 2008.  That said, his new company is a branch of his current broker/dealer Euro Pacific Capital. The division I work for focuses on the sale of precious metals.  We sell a full line of gold and silver bullion products to investors, and don't carry any of the numismatic or proof set products that a lot of the less-honest firms are selling.  

Given the high level of economic uncertainty in today's markets, a lot of investors are flocking to gold and silver as a safe haven for their cash reserves.  While gold and silver prices have risen steadily for the past decade, it is anticipated that they will continue to increase as long as our economy is plagued by debt spending and comparatively stagnant production. Many gold and silver products, such as ETFs or certificate programs offer exposure to gold and silver prices, but come with considerable counter party risk.  For the ultimate insurance policy, Peter recommends that investors hold a small percentage of their portfolio in the physical asset.  Gold and silver bullion is very liquid, as far as physical assets go, and can protect your purchasing power during a period of inflation.  

If any brother is interested in acquiring some bullion, I would be delighted to assist them and offer a discount of 50 basis points off the order.  Given the extremely low margins involved with bullion, that is the best I deal I can offer.  

Please contact me if you are interested, or have any questions.

Brian M. Feldman C'09

Precious Metals Trader

Euro Pacific Precious Metals LLC.
152 Madison Avenue; Suite 1003
New York, NY 10016

(W) 212-481-0310 ext. 108
(C) 917-727-8190

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